Splash! November 2013

I taught a Splash! class at Stanford this weekend with my colleagues Shaila Musharoff and Sandeep Venkataram on “A Brief Introduction on Population Genetics“, geared at students in grades 9-12. This was the fourth time we taught this class together.  In the class, we covered basic concepts from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and demonstrated how allele frequencies change as a consequence of various factors such as small population sizes, demographic events, and selection events. We illustrated these concepts using a game, as well as several examples from the literature, videos available online, and, some of my own 23&Me results.

In case you are curious, I am pasting below some links to movies that I think are particularly fun to watch. Thanks to Pleuni Pennings for sharing some of these on her website.

I particularly enjoyed the videos about lactase persistence and about Darwin’s voyage. See the links on Pleuni’s website.
Here are some videos from 23&Me about human out-of-africa history.
This particularly well made video of Wallace by the New York Times sheds light on an important scientist’s career and the scientific process.