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New York Area Population Genomics Meeting

I will be presenting my latest paper on the evolution of bacteria in the gut microbiome at the New York Area Population Genomics Meeting at Cold Spring Harbor. Bacteria in […]

Cal Academy of Science talk

I recently gave an outreach talk at the California Academy of Sciences Women in Science Nightlife event on why understanding evolution in the human gut microbiome is important for connecting […]

SMBE symposium: Probing microbiome dynamics

I will be co-chairing a symposium at the 2017 Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution in Austin TX with my colleague, Sharon Greenblum, on ‘Probing microbiome dynamics.’ We look forward […]

Promoting Inclusivity in Computing at SFSU

Last week I had the opportunity to present at the ‘Promoting Inclusivity in Computing (PINC)‘ program at the San Francisco State University, hosted by Dr. Pleuni Pennings. I spoke about […]

Detection of strain-level variation in the microbiome

A paper I recently contributed to is now accepted at Genome Research: An integrated metagenomics pipeline for strain profiling reveals novel patterns of bacterial transmission and biogeography Stephen Nayfach, Beltran […]