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Welcome Will and Ricky!

We are delighted to welcome William Shoemaker and Ricky Wolff to our growing group! Will is an NSF-funded postdoctoral scholar and joining us from his PhD lab in Indiana University. […]

Genetic Adaptation in New York City Rats

Our latest collaboration on studying the Genetic Adaptation in NYC Rats is now on BioRxiv! Here we apply the G12 statistic, which can detect hard and soft sweeps from unphased […]

Welcome Leah, Spencer, and Sara!

We are excited to have Leah, Spencer, and Sara join us in the  lab. Leah is a 3rd year PhD student working on developing new statistical methods to quanitfy ecological […]

Recombination in bacteria

This quarter, Nandita will be teaching an EEB 297 course on Recombination in Bacteria. Please check out the syllabus with the list of readings and feel free to join us […]

Welcome BIG Summer Students

This summer, Daisy Chen and Sara Thornburgh join the lab! Sara and Daisy are  undergaduates from UCLA majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and CS, respectively. Both are a part […]

Breakdancing + evolution of gut microbiota?!

Really excited to be collaborating with the breakdancing group, We Break, this Sunday to ‘perform’ my paper on the evolutionary dynamics of gut microbiota! This event is free and open […]

Paper published!

I’m thrilled to share that our paper on the Evolutionary dynamics of bacteria in the gut microbiome within and across hosts is now published in PLoS Biology! What is the […]