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Videos on our review on adaptation in pathogens

Along with Pleuni Pennings, Ben Wilson, Alison Feder, and Zoe Assaf, I recently published a review on adaptation in pathogens in Molecular Ecology. In this review we discuss the state […]

Paper on elevation of LD in Drosophila on BioRxiv

I posted my latest paper with Dmitri Petrov on BioRxiv on the Elevation of linkage disequilibrium above neutral expectations in ancestral and derived populations of Drosophila melanogaster. In this paper, […]

SMBE Young Investigator Travel Award

I am very grateful to have received the SMBE Young Investigator Travel Award for my oral presentation in Vienna this July on Long-range linkage disequilibrium in multiple natural populations of D. […]

Github repository: SelectionHapStats

SelectionHapStats is a repository of Python scripts written to identify natural selection events in the genome and R scripts written to visualize the signatures of selective sites. The python code […]